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Outskirts Merchant

With this exterior, I had an open-world style in mind. I've always been a fan of the different cultures and beautiful aesthetics surrounding the Sahara desert, and was inspired by my friend Alvin Johnsson's "Desert Market" piece. For this one, I wanted to make an area that would fit the real world, as well as a fantasy or sci-fi environment (with simple tweaks).

This piece turned out to be quite the learning experience. There was a lot of things I still wanted to learn at the end of TGA, so I decided to get to work researching them. There was a couple of things I managed to squeeze in, such as Parallax Occlusion Mapping, landscape height maps/sculpting, advanced materials in Unreal and different workflows to create foliage.

I modeled the assets in Autodesk Maya. Texturing (unique, tiling and masks) was made in Substance Designer and Substance Painter. Sculpting was done in Zbrush. I assembled and rendered the scene in Unreal Engine. A select few textures were taken from or Quixel and modified in Substance Designer to suit the scene.

This piece took about four weeks halftime.

Thanks to my wonderful project group:
Adam Nygren (
Alexander Schwandner (
Fredrik Hägg (

As well as these cool guys:
Alvin Johnsson (
Fer Kitsawat (
Erik Quinn (
Jacob Kroon (

For being a constant source of great feedback and company during my portfolio, TGA, and these isolated times.