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Abandoned Construction Site

This interior was designed with a linear flow in mind. I wanted a classic location with a lot of flavor, using (among other things) a mixture of unique, tiling and world aligned textures.

My focus during this piece was creating a scene that fit through a third-person stealth/action game lens, with a clear path and cover, while also providing goals through effective lighting. I chose to open the scene up through holes in the wall to allow a vista or interfering gameplay elements (such as helicopters).

The assets I modeled in primarily Autodesk Maya, some in Blender. Texturing (unique, tiling and masks) was made in Substance Designer and Substance Painter. I assembled and rendered the scene in Unreal Engine. The texture on the skyscrapers as well as the trash on the floor were taken from and Quixel, respectively. They were repacked and modified to fit the scene.

This piece took four weeks of halftime work.

Many thanks to third-year students:
Christoffer Börjesson (
Philip Hylén (
Kevin Lundmark (
As well as Miro Vesterinen (, Senior Environment Artist at Remedy Entertainment.
Last but not least my classmates, for great feedback during critical parts of this piece.